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                                    Left.  Ridge Section 83; Right: Cropped 1200 dpi USGS color chart of Section 823                                           

Larger version of region
This area is out of frame not on the USGS Far Side Charts
Lunascan Quad Composite of Sections 82, 83, 90, & 91
LRO  Wide Angle Camera 20 in pdf

Coulomb is an 89 km lunar impact crater that lies behind the northwestern limb, on the lunar Far Side. It is located to the west-southwest of the large crater Poczobutt (NE corner of the cropped color USGS) and northeast of Sarton (southern edge of LAC 20). Neither can be seen in our b&w Section 83 image. However, Kramers is visible and located some distance southeast of Coulomb. Kramer C, the younger, but comparably sized formation, intrudes into the northeast rim, and the two form a crater pair. (The later crater has a terraced inner wall and a central peak at the midpoint). But the  rim of Coulomb is mildly eroded, but still retains a well-defined edge and displays some old terracing on the wide inner walls. The exterior of the crater also retains something of an outer rampart extending for about a third of crater diameter. The satellite crater Coulomb V lies just beyond the west-northwest limb, while on the opposite side Coulomb J lies a short distance from the outer rim, forming a nearly symmetric pattern. The inner walls of the crater have only a few small impacts along the sides, with one near each of the aforementioned satellite craters. Within the sloping inner walls, the crater floor is remarkably level and nearly featureless, at least in comparison to the more rugged terrain that surrounds the crater. Only a few tiny craterlets mark this interior plain, and a small crater near the south-southeast inner wall. (Credit: Some of the information used in the section feature descriptions was obtained from  Section 83 and this directory was created by Fran Ridge and Ned Haskin of The Lunascan Project).

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Lunar Farside Chart [300 dpi] (NASA/LPI)
Farside Image Composite [1600 dpi] (NASA/LRO)
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Coulomb, 89 km
Kramers, 61 km

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