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                                    Left.  Ridge Section 116; Right: Cropped 1200 dpi USGS color chart of Section 116                                            

Larger version of Mendeleev Region
USGS Charts 0010N-120140
Lunascan Composite of Sections 105, 106, and 116 & 117
LRO WAC 66 in pdf
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Mendeleev is a 313 km lunar impact crater that is located on the lunar Far Side. The crater straddles four Ridge Sections: 105, 106, 116, 117, but because the largest portion resides in Section 116 and dominates it, the Section is titled Mendeleev. The southern rim of this walled plain just crosses the lunar equator. Intruding into the eastern rim of Mendeleev is the crater Schuster (Section 117). Nearly on the opposite side, the smaller Hartmann intrudes into the west-southwestern rim. The nearly level interior of Mendeleev contains a number of smaller crater formations which have been given names. These form a rough pentagon formation that covers much of the interior floor. Along the western inner floor, the craters Bergman to the west-northwest and Moissan  (both out of frame) to the west just make contact with the western inner wall of Mendeleev. The largest crater within the Mendeleev basin is Mendeleev P, to the south-southwest. The remainder of the interior floor is relatively flat, at least in comparison to the rugged blast terrain radiating away from the exterior. There are, however, a number of small craters within the interior in addition to those mentioned above. A cluster of these craters lay near the midpoint of the interior, and there are several in the southeast part of the floor. In the western half of the floor is a chain of tiny craters named the Catena Mendeleev. These form a line that runs from near the southwest part of the interior, then tangentially grazes the western rim of the crater Richards.   (Credit: Most of the information used in this section feature descriptions was obtained from Section 116 and this directory was created by Fran Ridge and Ned Haskin of The Lunascan Project)

Lunar Farside Chart [300 dpi] (NASA/LPI)
Farside Image Composite [1600 dpi] (NASA/LRO)
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Catena Gregory
Catena Mendeleev
Green, 65 km
Hartmann, 61 km
Mendeleev, 313 km
Pannekoek, 71 km
Prager, 60 km


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LUNAR RECONNAISANCE ORBITER IMAGES: (LRO, Catena Mendeleev) Inside Catena Mendeleev (LRO)

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