Farside Directory - Ridge Section 160

                                    Left.  Ridge Section 160; Right: Cropped 1200 dpi USGS color chart of Section 160
Larger expanded version of color chart above
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Lunascan Project composite of Sections 150,151,160 & 161

The view angle from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter made mapping more difficult than usual for Ridge Section 160. The USGS color chart that represents this same section was made from a slightly different vantage point, and some liberties were taken to get crater names in the color frame.  Antoniadi is a 143 km diameter,  ~4 km deep, lunar impact crater that lies on the southern hemisphere on the lunar Far Side. The crater intrudes into the southeastern rim of the crater Minnaert, a slightly smaller formation that is significantly more eroded. Attached to the eastern rim of Antoniadi is Numerov (right side cut out of frame and in Section 161), another large, ancient crater similar to Minnaert. Due south of Antoniadi is the small crater Brashear. The outer rim of Antoniadi is generally circular, with an irregular edge that has multiple indentations all about the perimeter. The wall is only lightly eroded, and retains a crisp rim and terracing on the inner walls. Only a single small craterlet of note lies across the interior wall, near the southeast edge of the rim. Antoniadi is one of the few craters on the Moon that possesses both a second inner ring and a central peak. This inner ring formation is about half the diameter of the outer wall, and only rugged mountain segments of the ring to the north and south still remain. The western part of the inner ring is almost non-existent, and only a few minor hills remain to the east. The floor within the inner wall is unusually flat and smooth, with the central peak being the only notable feature. The floor outside the inner ring is much rougher in texture. (Credit: Most of the information used in the section feature descriptions was obtained from Section 160 and this directory was created by Fran Ridge and Ned Haskin of The Lunascan Project).

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Lunar Farside Chart [300 dpi] (NASA/LPI) *
Farside Image Composite [1600 dpi] (NASA/LRO)
Farside-contour-map-gray2800.jpg (Bob Garfinkle) *

Antoniadi, 143, ~4 km deep
Brashear, 40 km
Minnaert, 125 km
Numerov, 113 km

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